A Quote from The Head

2018 has been a very eventful and hectic year which saw the coming in of a new acting head, Mr Dhliwayo Gift, and subsequently, the establishment of a new Admin structure. The team worked like a catapult to see the year to the end.

The year 2018 has been characterized by political and economic upheavals but we remained resolute and managed to cruise through with both teaching and non-teaching staff working solidly behind the Admin staff. I am profoundly indebted to my staff, students and school development committee for one focus and rare show of cooperation for the short period that I am head of the school. We believe the coming year is going to open up in our favor.

The momentum for change at the school can only be derailed by God. The resolve in the school, determination and oneness of purpose are the magical wend that forms the driving force behind the current success of the school. The school is still determined to compete for recipiency of Secretary’s Merit Award. This is a challenge but we are not deterred by that daunting task. We have the enormous energy to transform our environment, rapport and performance to meet the criteria for qualification.

The school boasts of state of the art infrastructure. Our students now have access to unlimited fibre Internet.Income generating projects which include gardening and poultry have ensured sustainability in the boarding department. Transport services for our students for trips and sports is second to none. However, a UD truck and a competent vehicle for the head are yet to be acquired. The school is targeted to host a polytechnic institution, university open learning and a sport academy. Quality education for excellence remains our compass for effort and direction. Those who labour will never labour in vain.

Makorokoto maticha and all our stakeholders for improving our A-Level passrate from 86% to 94% in the 2017 ZIMSEC exams.

Dhliwayo Gift (Head)